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I am supporting people to release their old, undigested emotions and stresses using a healing method called "The Emotion Code" . Why don't you release the old baggages by this holistic approach for being real you? 


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I use several different methods to support you
Emotion Code(エモーションコード)

Emotion Code is one of the most simple and effective healing methods.  Practitioner will access to your subconsious mind and find if there is any old, unwanted and trapped emotions which affect you physically or/and mentally.  Emotion Code is a tool to help and support to release them to be Real YOU!


Accessbars® (アクセスバーズ)

Toching 32 points on your head by practitioner while you are just lying on a bed...that's it. Yes, it is really that's it, but you will find a deep relaxation during the session! Accessbars can release and detox old files, stuck energy or even prejudice for your everyday's life! 


Access Facelift®(アクセスフェイスリフト)

Access Energetic Facelift is a cousin of Accessbars®. This is an energy work support your skin rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging. And you don't need to have any chemichal or surgery on your skin! Some people founds it works not only on your face but body line and your mind!



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