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  I am a little helper for people to let go of old, trapped, undigested emotions and stresses using a healing method called  ”Emotion Code". Why not ease your load by this holistic approach and step closer to the REAL YOU? 

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  I offer several different options for you  
Emotion Code(エモーションコード)

Emotion Code is a simple but effective healing method.  The practitioner peeks into your subconscious mind and searches for old, unwanted, and trapped emotions which affect you physically and/or mentally in the present.  Emotion Code is a tool to help you release these emotions and support you in realising the Real YOU!
Accessbars® (アクセスバーズ)

The application of touch on to 32 points around your head while you are lying on a bed...and that's it! Yes, it is really that simple, but you will find this to be a deeply relaxing session! Accessbars can release and detox old feelings, stuck energy or even prejudices in your everyday life.

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For booking or any inquiries, please contact me via Contact Form or by email.

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