Emotion Code 

 Emotion Code -  the powerful but very simple healing method I love!


Emotion Code【 エモーションコード】


Emotion Code was created by Dr Nelson in US in 2007. This healing method is the simplest but very efficient and powerful tool.   Using mustle testing, I detect and identify if there is any emotional baggages in you, and simply release them.  

I personally think this method is very different from any others because we can identify emotions quite "specifically". We use a chart with 60 different emotions (for example, bitterness, heartache, jealousy, etc...) to clarify what kind of emomtions have been trapped within you, when it has happened and some back ground information if needed.  Those clarification helps you to understand how and why the emotions were trapped, and it also helps to  see its connection between the emotions and your current problems.

Have you ever felt you are making the same mistakes again and again, or bothered by specific things or situations all the time? This might be because of trapped emotions. Sometimes those emotions create physical pains such as shoulder ache, back ache and so on.

Some people may be worried if they need to speak out everything in our session like usual counselling.  For Emotion Code, you don't need to if you don't want to.  So you can keep your privacy from me, but still can release your emotional baggages!

What I have worked on....

- Low Self-Esteem
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Eating/Drinking habit
- Shoulder ache, Back pain
- Want to meet the right one!
- Office politics
- Fear to fight agaings illness
- Relationship problem (colleagues, family, friends...)
- Bothered by specific situation or people
- Pets' naughty behaviors
- Want to be happier and enjoy life more!

Or anything related to your emotion baggages or stress!

I share some testimonials from my clients. Please refer "Testimonial" page for your information.

Emotion Code is good for young kids, too, and I have got some great feedbacks from their parents. It also works for animals!

Please refer  "Testimonials" page , too. 









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