Testimonial  お客様からの感想

Access Energetic Facelift - In person, Female  (April, 2017)
The swelling of my feet has gone down! How could it be possible!? (Just after her 2nd Facelift session)

アクセス・フェイスリフト - 対面セッション (2017年4月)

Emotion Code - In Person, Female  (April, 2017)
It was my first Emotion Code session. I didn't quite get what it was at first, but once the session started I felt comfortable as if I am talking with a reliable friend. In the session, some emotions were found that were a root of an issue I was looking for quite a while. Thanks for the findings, it clarified my mind and made me feel better.

エモーションコード -対面セッション、女性 (2017年4月)

Access Energetic Facelift - In person, Female  (April, 2017)
My smile lines are getting faded just after the session. The next day, I look so young! 
4 days later, I had a face massage by a different  masseuse and she said "your face has started to show the effect of this massages". But I don't think it was because of the massage, I believe this effect is by Yuriko's Face Lift!

アクセス・フェイスリフト - 対面セッション (2017年4月)

Accessbars - In person, Female  (March 2017)
I felt it is something different. I just can't believe this. My sight is much brighter than before...

アクセスバーズ - 対面セッション、女性 (2017年3月)

"Feeling Depressed" - Emotion Code, via Skype, Female  (March, 2017)
It was quite interesting to listen to my subconscious mind via Yuriko. I felt like I was listening to someone eles rather than part of me. At the same time, I was surprised that she (Yuriko) mentioned many specific things in my past and they were spot on. Even though I was a big struggle to find my memory or words to discribe, Yuriko always trys to clarify and it helped me to find out how I felt at the specific events and situations. It also helped me to be convinced my experience even more. Just after the session, I felt lighter mentally straight away. I had been depressed for a while and I couldn't even enjoy my hobbies, but now I can enjoy doing them again. Yuriko understands how I felt in down time. She also tris to find a way to support me from bottom of her heart. 

「気分の落ち込み」- エモーションコード遠隔スカイプセッション、女性 (2017年3月)

"Emotions that are ready to be released"- Emotion Code, Skype session, Female (March, 2017)
It was very comfortable 1hour session. Since Yuriko identified trapped emotions in me, it helped me to understand my feelings and thoughts clearer. It was almost like finding pieces of puzzles I was looking for.
Yuriko was having very warm  and welcome atmosphere, and I felt comfortable to talk to. She made me want to talk to her more. Thank you for the generous session.

「今リリースすべき感情」- エモーションコード遠隔スカイプセッション、女性 (2017年3月)

"Low self esteem and Anxiety" - Emotion Code in person, Female (March, 2017)
After session, I was very relaxed without thinking any negative things. I was also joyful like a small kid looking forward to going out and didn't want to go to bed although I was sleepy.   I realized this "relaxed" feeling might be very normal thing for many people that I couldn't have for long time. I have been pushing myself far too hard and never relaxed 24/7 for long time.

「不安感、自信が持てない」- エモーションコード対面セッション、女性  (2017年3月)

  "Low self esteem" - Emotion Code, in person, Female  (March, 2017)
 I was stunned because emotions and events came up in my mind which I believed I already forgot through the session as follows Yuriko's words. This process reminds me how I felt and was hurt through those experiences in the past. It also made me feel "I want to accept myself and love myself more" for the first time. Yuriko is very human person and helped me to withdraw my stories and emotions naturally and comfortably. It is shame that we don't see many counsellors and therapists  like her in general. Yuriko is a true healer and she heals you♡

「自信が持てない」- エモーションコード対面セッション、女性 (2017年3月)

 "Surgery Fear"  - Emotion Code, By Email, Female  (Feb, 2017)
 Its amazing how you found out all my dark emotions. You are more than correct to say i forgot to love myself and please other people....i wish i could have known u long time back

「手術をうけることへの恐怖心」 - エモーションコード遠隔Eメールセッション、女性

"Stress in daily life" - Emotion Code, In Person, Male  (Aug, 2016)
I loved the way you did the magnet down my back 3 times and said its gone now. I wanted to give you a hug and say thanks! As soon as you left I picked up the guitar and wrote a song "you can let it go if you want" It excites me so will work it out and record with my old music friend and send it to you. (It takes ages nowadays but that was an instant song)
 I felt strange the next day and cried, not boo-hoo type but just tears rolling down my face. Its quite a release...This will sound slightly weird but  I thought about the sad emotions  you can clear. Well have cleared but I had a choking fit on the bus back like a feather or a pubic hair at the back of my throat. It was terrible  like uncontrollable coughing. The feather coughing  thing was my body reacting after you released the love the passion and the pain of that particular time.

「日常生活で感じるストレス」 - エモーションコード対面セッション、男性 (2016年8月)
 ひとつひとつの感情を見つけ出し、磁石を3回背中に転がし、「リリースされました」という一連の流れがとても良かったです。思わず「ありがとう!」とハグをしたくなったほどでした!セッション終了後、すぐにギターを手にして『You Can Let it Go If You Want』という曲を作りました。この曲を友人とレコーディングするのがすごく楽しみです。(完成には時間がかかりそうですが)出来上がったらぜひお送りしますね。

"Stress in daily life" - Emotion Code, via skype, Female  (Aug, 2016)
I read your report and found out there are many key words synchronized with the emotions I have been feeling recently! I realized that I have been accepting unnecessary stress. I couldn't say no to unwilling thing, I have been pushing myself too hard to do anything. "Please yourself" you said woke me up. I think I did understand it logically, but it is still difficult to do it because of my old habit. But you are right, we should please ourselves more!
It was my second session, and I didn't get any dramatic changes like the last time, but I am definitely getting calm and gentle. I was actually very irritated with some people on that day but I am not bothered any more!I also found I now can see and learn myself from objective point of view more thanks for your session and the report you sent me after that.  I believe this is a proof that I have more space in me, and this is actually a big change. I am looking forward to see more changes in me in the future♪

「日常で感じるストレス」- エモーションコード遠隔スカイプ(チャット)セッション、女性 (2016年8月)

"Stress at work place" - Emotion Code, in person, Female  (July, 2016)
 It was nice to have a chat with you and I appreciate the opportunity to have your session! I had been wondering what to do with my situation at work for a long time so it was a very good timing. Thank you♡ I was amazed by the session as you found some of my old events what I almost forgot completely and digging deep to identify the problems! And Emotion Code is seriously a great healing method!

Here are some feedback after the session

1. I was a bit spaced out next day as I couldn't sleep well after the session
2. I was getting gentle to others. I usually get irritated by tiny things at work, but I feel more calm and gentle towards colleagues after the session

I am looking forward to seeing my change near future♪ And it is good to know that the released emotions never come back.

「職場で感じるストレス」- エモーションコード対面セッション、女性 (2016年7月)
色々迷いが生じてる時期だっただけに、仕事の話を色々聞いてもらいセッションまでしてもらって勇気づけられました!ありがとう♡ それにしても自分でも忘れてたような出来事をどんどん掘り下げていく百合子さんにはビックリ!Emotion Codeも凄すぎる!!



"Back Ache" - Emotion Code  via skype, Female  (June, 2016)
Thanks for your session earlier. You might feel it is too quick,  but I have to say my back ache has been reduced... I usually move around as doing something because of the pain, but I could just settle during the session. I just can't believe what happened with my back!

「長年の腰痛」- エモーションコード遠隔スカイプセッション、女性 (2016年6月)